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Our Services


Insurance Claim Experts

Our certified professionals handle insurance claims involving damage to your home and/or business. We represent the homeowner, where your insurance company adjuster represents the insurance company.



Professional Evaluation

With over 30 years of combined insurance and construction experience, we know exactly what to look for and ensure nothing has been missed.



Negotiate with Insurance Companies

Armed with industry leading experts and insurance estimation software, our professionals build a solid case so negotiations go smoothly and effectively.



Get you paid what you deserve

We leave no stone unturned. Our thorough process maximizes your settlement.

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Call Now!

Waiting can cost you $$$



Executive Adjusting Consultants are now proudly serving residents and business owners of Vero Beach, Florida. Residents in this city can now take advantage of our professional public adjuster services to assist you throughout the insurance claim process. We extend our professional insurance claim management services to both private property owners as well as business/commercial owners in the Vero Beach area. Executive Adjusting Consultants are a team of experts in the insurance claim evaluation industry who specialize in offering help to homeowners and companies through the complex process of insurance claims. Many times our clients will seek out our services after their insurance company has rejected their property damage claim, and we we will work to reopen their case and seek out the settlement that they deserve. The clients of Executive Adjusting Consultants have experienced a very high success rate when they enlist our help. Our objective is to get every client fair settlement while also providing them with the best customer service and complete satisfaction.

Call Us 561-809-1801


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Claim Examples


Tree Damage
Before our services: $5K
After our services: $61K

Water Damage
Before our services: $20K
After our services: $187K

Mold Damage
Before our services: Denied
After our services: $31K

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Why You Should Hire Us


Top Rated Licensed Professionals

We are licensed, bonded, and trained to properly settle your loss

Free Expert Claim Review

Even if your claim is denied or below deductible, call us for an initial review. It’s Free!


Higher Settlements

According to a government report, homeowners who used public adjusters receive over 700% higher payments than those who didn’t use one


Walking You Through a Complex Process

A major advantage of our Vero Beach public adjuster services is that we are well versed in all of the policies and guidelines laid out by the insurance companies. Some times, the insurance policies are very confusing and filled with contingencies and stipulations meant to limited coverage without being so obvious about it. Insurance policies also omit information about the rights of the property owners under federal and Florida laws which protect your rights. Executive Adjusting Consultants is a company of expert public adjusters who work for you, not the insurance company, and we can advise you of your rights and how to get the maximum settlement for your claim.

Vero Beach Services

Executive Adjusting Consultants understands that time is not always on your side when it comes to property damage so we offer premium services to you seven days a week. Don’t hesitate to call us right away because delaying the process can equate to progressing property damage which may lead to the insurance company delaying or denying your settlement.

Our Vero Beach Services Include (But Aren’t Limited To):

Vero Beach Hurricane or Storm Damage Estimates

Vero Beach Fire Damage Estimates

Vero Beach Water Damage Estimates

Vero Beach Sinkhole Damage Estimates

Denied Claim Assistance

…and more!

About Executive Adjusting Consultants

We are a company comprised of professionals with expertise in engineering, structural experts, sinkhole experts, building inspectors, and many other relevant areas. Our expert team has over two decades of combined experience in public adjusting construction management. Executive Adjusting Consultants public adjusters are licensed and bonded in Florida, and service people in the Vero Beach area as well as many other cities throughout the state.

Vero Beach, Florida is located in the Indian River Country and has been incorporated since 1919. The population is modest with around 15,000 residents who call Vero Beach home. This city is the county seat of Indian River and the beaches in the city are a part of Florida’s Treasure Coast.