Government Study

Florida Public Adjusters vs. Insurance Company Adjusters


A lot of people are not familiar with public adjusters and the insurance claims process. Some people say they are unnecessary and will end up costing you more money than they are worth. However, the  following study not only proves public adjusters are beneficial, it also shows they achieve significantly larger settlements for their clients.

Florida is known to have severe weather, and in 2005 the hurricane season was responsible for more than $9 billion worth of damage and over 1 million insurance claims. The vast majority of this damage was the result of the destructive path hurricane Wilma paved through the Florida landscape. After the storm, millions of Floridians were left without power and severe damage to their homes. In the end, Florida’s Citizens Insurance Company received hundreds of thousands of insurance claims from policyholders, adding up to over $2 billion dollars.

In January of 2010 the office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability conducted a study to determine the impact public adjusters  had on insurance claims with Florida’s Citizens Insurance Company. The aim of the study was to compare the settlement payments of homeowners who were represented by a public adjuster and those who settled the claims on their own.

After thorough analysis of more than 76,000 insurance claims, the office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability concluded that homeowners represented by public adjusters typically received higher settlements than homeowners who settled their claims independently. A portion of the  catastrophe claims examined revealed that homeowners received settlements that were 747% higher on average. Public adjusters also have the ability to re-open previously settled claims and collect additional compensation for their clients, as was the case with the majority of the catastrophe claims in this study.

To better understand the advantage of public adjuster representation, we can examine two examples of insurance claims using the figures from the study.

Client X has hurricane damage to their roof. The insurance company examines their house and decides the roof can be patched, awarding a $6,000 settlement. That homeowner now has $6,000 to find a contractor to fix the roof properly.

Client Y has the same house and the same damage to their roof. Instead of taking a settlement with their insurance company, they decide to hire a public adjuster. After thorough analysis of the damage, the public adjuster was able to submit a report to the insurance company to repair the whole roof and collect a $44,820 settlement

Although some articles claim public adjusters are unnecessary, statistics from this government study show higher claim settlements for those who use their services. So next time you have an insurance claim, call a public adjuster to get a better settlement.