Florida Insurance Claim Process

First, the homeowner experiences damage or a loss. It could be damage from a storm, sink hole, broken water pipe, or other mishap. Next, the homeowner has to file an claim with their insurance company.

After that, they have one of two options:


1) Work with the insurance company


2) Work with a Public Adjuster


Working with the insurance company…

When an insurance claim is filed by a homeowner, the insurance company will send a professionally trained adjuster to investigate the claim on their behalf. These adjusters are employees of the insurance company, and work in the best interest of the insurance company. The company adjuster will then evaluate the damage, create a report, and write up an estimate. After the the estimate is made, the insurance company will either offer a settlement based on their calculations, or reject the claim altogether.

If the claim is rejected, the homeowner will have to pay out of their pocket.

If the claim is underpaid, the homeowner will have to pay out of their pocket.


Working with a Public Adjuster…

When a homeowner hires a public adjuster, they are being represented by a licensed professional looking out for their interests. A public adjuster can either negotiate a new claim, re-open a previous claim, or re-submit a rejected claim. They will examine all the policy coverages of the homeowner to insure proper compensation.

First they will investigate the homeowner’s damages and losses. During this time, the Public Adjuster will conduct a thorough inspection of the damaged areas, documenting all details and costs. After they have reviewed your insurance policy and documented the loss, they will prepare the insurance claim report and negotiate with the insurance company for the maximum possible settlement.